Look out blogosphere!

I decided to add a blog to my online photography presence, as my desire to expand my reach has increased.  My goal with this blog is to share my thoughts about photography, document my journey as a photographer, and showcase some of my favorite images and projects.  But before we get to that, some introduction is in order.  My name is Dave Dillon and I’m a photographer.  In a way, that seems like a first step in a 12-step program.  Photography can be like that at times.  I first got interested in it when I was about 12 or so – I had a film camera and a basic home darkroom.  Like many kids, my interest level went up and down as I got into other things, but I never totally lost touch until I went to college.  Then school (and the fun that came with being on my own) took over, and shortly after graduation I was working, married, and next thing you know, there’s this little kid!  The kid naturally led to still and video cameras being produced at every opportunity, which eventually led me to think “Gee, I guess I could always take pictures of things OTHER than my son…”.  Three kids and a divorce later and now I’m looking at photography more seriously as a good diversion.  My 40th birthday led me to go on an African photo safari (with Andy Biggs – more about him later, I’m sure), after which I started thinking that I’d like to really devote more time to photography.

Having 4 kids and now being remarried doesn’t always lend itself to concentrating on photography (oh, and I’m co-owner of a successful business, so that takes time too), but I try to make time for it when I can.  My biggest struggle has been trying to identify my “niche” – I could just keep going willy-nilly, traveling with camera and going to workshops whenever possible, but I really want to find that “thing” that keeps me going and which (to be really honest) can eventually help turn photography from hobby to income-producer.  Make sense yet?

So, my goals in blogging are to show what I’m working on, how I’m doing it, and more or less document my journey as a photographer with words that accompany the images.  If I’m somehow able to help other new photographers or find friends who are on a similar journey as I am, then I’m doubly happy with what I’m doing!  I’ll keep making changes to the blog layout and content as I learn my way around all this, so bear with me.  Thanks for checking me out, I hope you’ll come back for more!



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