Favorite Photos – My First Sale

One of the things I will be doing on my blog is adding some of my favorite photos, some new ones, and some that, well, show what I’ve been working on – so they may not be award winners, but they illustrate my current work.

I decided to start this section off with one of my favorites.  I took this about 4 years ago, after I got my first Sony DSLR, the A100.  I went out one day in winter by the local Penn State campus and happened upon this abandoned barn.  I took a bunch of shots of various parts of the exterior (I didn’t want to start my photographic career with a trespassing charge, so I didn’t go inside), and this one was the best, IMO.  I entered it in the spring in a local show and won an honorable mention.  Best of all…someone bought it!  So this picture will always hold a special place for me, as my first image sale.

Abandoned barn door


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