Andy Biggs Safaris and Workshops

The approach of my 40th birthday coincided with me taking up photography more seriously, and as I started thinking of a way to combine the photography with a great present for myself (why not?), I decided I wanted to do an African photo safari.  A fair amount of research led me to a safari in Tanzania led by Andy Biggs, and run through Thompson Safaris.  After a lot of planning (and of course, the requisite purchase of more gear!), the trip came and it was worth every penny.  It truly opened my eyes about Africa, the wildlife, and photography, and none of that would have been accomplished as it was without the guidance of Andy (you can see some of the images in the travel gallery on my website).

Zebras sharing a joke

Last year I decided to do another trip, and the first place I looked was on Andy’s website to see what else he had to offer.  I found that he was leading a workshop in Moab, Utah to photograph some of the famous landscapes there.  Without hesitation, I signed up and had a great time there as well, and learned even more (images also in the travel gallery).

Delicate Arch and La Sals

This is all background to get to my point: after these trips, I have recommended Andy to as many people as possible.  He is a very talented photographer, but he also possesses the ability to teach and relate to people.  As I’ve discussed workshops and guided trips with other photographers, I’ve found out second-hand that these latter qualities aren’t always common in photographic workshops.  It’s frequently said that those who can, can’t always teach, but Andy definitely defies that saying.  During his safaris and workshops, his own personal photography comes second to helping those who paid him to be there (imagine that!) – he’s always quick with a tip, and patient with those who need more time to grasp whatever concept he’s talking about.  In the classroom portions of his workshops, material is presented for photographers of all levels, and he frequently brings in other photographers who can speak more specifically about a particular topic, to provide the best experience for everyone.  On top of that, he has been gracious enough on a few occasions to respond to my emails about photographing other locations he’s familiar with, or to answer my questions about the business and inspiration of photography.  To top it all off, he’s just a fun guy to sit around and have a beer with.

If you’re considering a safari or workshop, I can’t recommend Andy highly enough!


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