Favorite Photos – Birds Fighting in Silhouette

Today’s highlighted photos is of two birds sparring at the top of an acacia tree in Tanzania, taken during my photo safari with Andy Biggs.  The reason this image is one of my favorites isn’t necessarily the aesthetics of it, but the process.  It was on the last full day of the safari, towards the end of the day.  We had been shooting a hippo pond, and there were a bunch of birds flying around and sitting on the surrounding trees.  I saw these two fighting on the top of one of the trees and knew that with the sun behind them, I wouldn’t be able to get a good shot and that it would appear a little cluttered anyway.  So I decided to go for a silhouette shot, figuring the shape of the branches and the birds would be interesting.  After changing the settings in my camera, I was able to fire off a few shots before they tired of each other and flew away.  After I saw the results, I had one of those photography personal “aha” moments where I was able to think to myself that maybe I’m getting the technical part of photography figured out a bit, where I can instinctively get the camera to create the image I see in my head.  So, for this reason, this photo will always be one of my favorites!

Birds sparring - Tanzania


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