“Unplanned” Photo…Accepted into a Show!

I was informed today that one of the photos I entered in the Phillips Mill Photographic Exhibition was selected for their show!  This is a juried exhibition that started in 1991, and is run by Phillips Mill Community Association in Bucks County, PA which has been around since 1929.  While it’s not MOMA, it is a step in a good direction to have my work acknowledged – and who knows, maybe someone will want to buy it at the show!  That runs from June 4th through the 26th – I won’t be able to attend the opening due to my son’s high school graduation (priorities!), but I’ll definitely go down to see my work displayed.  Hopefully this bodes well for other submissions I’ll be doing this year.

The funny part about this particular image from my trip to Moab last year is that although it ended up being one of my favorites, it really wasn’t planned out.  We had just hiked up to the small ledge where you get this particular view through North Window, and Andy Biggs (one of the photographers leading that trip) suggested we take some test shots to get the correct exposure of the moon so that when the sun fully rose, we’d have our exposure set.  The sun obviously hadn’t risen yet at this point, but gave just enough light to the sky to color it.  Although I did end up getting the “classic” shot through North Window, I liked this one better since it was different and had the interesting sky coloring.  Two lessons can be learned from this experience – one, don’t delete photos while you’re out shooting, you never know what you’ve got until you see it on the computer, and two, you never know when you’re going to get an unexpectedly good shot – sometimes it’ll just happen!

Moonrise through North Window, Arches NP, Utah

2 Responses to ““Unplanned” Photo…Accepted into a Show!”
  1. Nate says:

    Very nice photograph! I’ve been to a lot of National Parks, but have not made it to Arches yet. It looks like a great place and I very much hope to get there soon. Congrats on your exhibition acceptance! Thanks for sharing the photograph.
    – Nate

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