Headshots of author Kayt Sukel for her new book

In May, a friend of mine, Kayt Sukel, asked me to take some headshots for her upcoming book, Dirty Minds.  The book is about the neuroscience of love, sex and relationships, and will be published in 2012 by Free Press.  She was planning on being in NYC for some meetings, so we agreed to take the shots then.  The original plan was that she would get her hair and make up done in the morning, and we would spend the afternoon shooting in various locations.  My concept was to do some basic shots in the hotel – by the window, and with a simple studio setup, then move to get some environmental shots in various locations – NYC Library, Grand Central, etc. to have a variety of shots to choose from.  Kayt is also a travel blogger for TravelSavvyMom, so we were hoping to get some shots to use for that as well.

I arrived around 11:30 and was checking in to our hotel when Kayt told me she was on the way out to her appointment at Louis Licari (Lena was her stylist and was great!), so I decided to join her.  Not ever having seen that process, it was a great opportunity to learn what happens behind the scenes, and it was interesting to watch.  While we were there, we spotted Hoda Kotb from The Today Show – Louis Licari does a make-over segment with them.  Anyway, while she was getting her hair and make-up done, a reporter from The Sunday Times of London emailed her to ask for an interview right away, as she had been featured in an article online that went a bit viral, about her experience as part of a fMRI project that was doing research related to her book.  So, the plans got changed a bit as we went from the salon back to the hotel for her interview and to take some quick shots, as they also wanted a headshot for the article, and she wanted to use a new one.

Long story short, we ended up just doing the shots in the hotel room – some using window light, and the others using a basic one-light beauty setup with the white wall as backdrop (thank you W Hotels for not getting funky with wall coverings!).  A little bit of retouching later, and we had a number of headshots to choose from.  We sent one that Kayt liked off to the Sunday Times, and then went to the bar for a few drinks. We took a few more at the bar, and at a rooftop bar a little later, but the ones from the hotel room were our favorites.  A few weeks later, Kayt had a contest on her Facebook page to choose the one she would use for her book.  The three she included in the contest are below – the first one was the winner.  I was very happy with how they turned out, but Kayt was a fantastic subject as not only is she beautiful, but she photographs well, knew instinctively how to pose, and took my direction easily.  All in all, a great experience!

One Response to “Headshots of author Kayt Sukel for her new book”
  1. Barbara Dillon says:

    Great photo – she is a natural and you did a wonderful job capturing her beauty.

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