Engagement Photos – Michelle and Bob

Last week I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos of Michelle and Bob.  They’re a very down-to-earth couple, obviously in love, and they both love the outdoors.  So I decided to do the shoot at Seven Tubs Nature Area, one of my favorite local places to shoot landscapes.  Seven Tubs is a cool local county-owned park that gets its name from the natural stone “tubs” that were created from the stream and waterfalls running through it.  It’s a very unique formation with many great photographic opportunities – I’m looking forward to finally getting there this winter to get some different photos than the ones I already have in my stock.  But, I digress from the topic at hand – the happy couple!

I had noticed while driving by that there was a great stretch of train tracks on the edge of the park, so I went a couple of days before the shoot to scout it out.  I got a picture in mind of the couple on the tracks, with some different angles and looks and wanted to try it out, and fortunately for me, they were very obliging.  They were actually up for whatever I suggested, so it was a lot of fun for me!  The weather was perfect on the day of the shoot, warm (for November in Northeast PA) with a slight wind, and an overcast sky.  The sky was great for the overall light, but I wouldn’t have minded a beautiful sky with puffy clouds for the train track shots.  Oh well, you can only control so much!

We took shots in the woods, on the train tracks, on a bridge overlooking some of the falls, and on a rock with some falls and rocks as a background.  Then we moved to my house for some studio shots and some fun camo shots in my backyard.  It was a great day – Bob didn’t even hate it, though I think he was expecting to – and the pictures came out great.  Best of all, they were VERY happy with them!

Here are a few of my favorites:


One Response to “Engagement Photos – Michelle and Bob”
  1. Barbara Dillon says:

    Great shots!

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