Photography Goals for 2012

2011 is out of the way now – so on to 2012! (If you didn’t catch my last blog post with my favorite photos of 2011, check it out here) I tend not to make resolutions, per se, I prefer to set specific goals.  Generic resolutions (i.e. “I’m going to eat better”, “I’m going to be a nicer person”, etc.) sound great and have wonderful intentions behind them, but are all too easy to forget and let slide in that moment where a slice of peanut butter pie somehow shows up in front of you after dinner.  So, here are my photographic goals for 2012.  I have some personal ones too, but those are, well, personal.  And probably boring.  I hope these aren’t as mundane as those.  In reading these, keep in mind that I’m not a working professional photographer – I’m just a guy with a serious hobby who would like to keep taking it up a notch to see what happens.

1. Shoot 5 seniors: No, not senior citizens. Though that could happen (I have a personal project I might work on finally), I’m talking about high school seniors.  I did my first this year, and it went very well for both of us.  She’s handed out the full stack of referral cards that I gave her, and from that as well as my daughter’s connections in her school and others, I’m hoping to start to increase my work in this area. I think I’m able to offer a more customized experience to seniors, in that I don’t feel a need to stick to a particular “look” for all my portraits.  I prefer to just go with where the person being photographed takes me.

2. Shoot 2 weddings: This is going to be a big step for me.  I might not have included this goal except for already having one wedding booked. 🙂 (perhaps I’m cheating, but at least I didn’t make my goal only 1 wedding!) When people asked me in the past if I did weddings, I tried to shy away from it, feeling I wasn’t ready.  Then this past November, I was asked to shoot a big family birthday party, and when that went well, I realized: I’m comfortable shooting staged portraits, and I can handle event photography, so now I feel I’m ready to do weddings.  Having done the engagement photos for the couple getting married, I feel comfortable with the clients already, and I’m going to be meeting with their wedding planner soon, so hopefully that will lead to more work.

3. Shoot 3 advertisements: I’ve got one booked already, and with the business group I’m involved with, I think I can add to this fairly easily.  I’d really like to combine commercial advertising work in with my portrait work – having a business background myself, I think I can work well with a company or advertising group to develop the images they’re looking for to portray their company/product/services, so I’m hoping I can increase my work in this area.

4. Develop a concisive portfolio: What I’m looking for here is to be able, at some point in the year, be able to put together a collection of images that say “this is what I do”.  I have my website, blog, 500px account and some other various places where I post pictures, but I feel like it’s all a mishmash of sorts and that someone looking at the pictures wouldn’t necessarily connect them all together, and after looking at them wouldn’t be able to say “I know what kind of pictures Dave Dillon does”.  Time to put only my best foot forward, not shotgun my photos out into the world.

5. Do a 52 project: For anyone not familiar, a 52 or 365 project is where you plan on taking a picture every week or day, usually with some sort of theme. I’ve decided to do self-portraits, but I’m going to use Twitter as my inspiration by trying to imitate the Twitter avatars of people I follow, then post the pictures side-by-side.  I’ve already collected almost 20 to work off of, so I should be able to find 52.  Hopefully, they’ll be ones that people recognize.  I decided to go this route because it’s a way of integrating my increased social networking into this project, and it also forces me to try to imitate different styles of portraits, thereby making me try different techniques.  It’d be pretty boring to just do the same set up week after week, and quite frankly, I’m damn sure I can’t find 52 different poses of me that’ll make it interesting enough for other people to look at!  I’m doing the first one tonight or tomorrow, so look for it!

6. Blog once a week: Now, clearly, if I keep up with the goal above, this should be a no-brainer, but at least writing about each week’s photo will force me to write more, and lead to me blogging more.  And that can’t be a bad thing…unless I get really annoying.  But I’m sure I’ll hear about it if I do…

Anyway, that’s my plan, and I’m sticking to it, I hope you’ll stay tuned to see how I do!

One Response to “Photography Goals for 2012”
  1. Barbara Dillon says:

    Quite frankly, I am speachless! You might want to add writing to the list of your skills – you are very good at articulating the written word. You never cease to amaze me. I did hear over the New Years weekend that the only way to achieve your New Years resolutions is to write them down – you have just taken your first step towards achieving your goals – Congratulations!

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