52 Project – Week 3 – @piersmorgan

Background: This year, I’ve decided to do a 52 project (one photo a week), and my “theme” is that I’m going to do a self-portrait each week, where I try to mimic the Twitter picture/avatar of someone that I follow, figuring I’d be able to learn a new technique/look each week that I can apply to future projects.

This week I chose to recreate Piers Morgan’s (@piersmorgan) headshot on Twitter.  Piers hosts a nightly interview show on CNN and was also a judge on America’s Got Talent.  Ironically, he was replaced by Howard Stern, the subject of last week’s 52 project shot.  I started following Piers when I found out he was a huge Arsenal fan (as am I) and that he tweeted a lot about soccer.  He likes to give some of the more famous players a lot of crap (stick in the English vernacular), and is never afraid to speak his mind about anything, so I enjoy seeing his tweets come across my timeline.  During the Golden Globes this year, for example, he was cracking a lot of jokes about Madonna and Ricky Gervais, so it was fun to follow along with him.

The shot itself wasn’t that difficult to recreate – it’s a two-light set up, I used a soft box as my key light, and used another light with a snoot as a highlight on the background.  The background was my pop-up gray, and I also used a reflector for the shadow side of my face.  The part that was different for me was that for the first time, I shot with my camera tethered to my computer, and Lightroom receiving the pictures.  It was a great way to evaluate the photos immediately, and it was a lot easier to judge focus, color, and composition.  I can’t wait to have a studio session with a client where I can use this method again!  I’m also going to start including some behind-the-scenes shots to show my set up.

Gooner Power, Piers!

Piers Morgan's twitter avatar

Me as Piers Morgan

BTS showing lighting set up

BTS showing tethering to computer


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