“Chicago” at Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre

Last night, I shot the dress rehearsal for Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre’s production of “Chicago”.  I haven’t even finished uploading all my images, but since the show opens this weekend (see their website for more information on tickets), I wanted to share just a few of the shots because I can’t stop thinking about how incredible the show was just in dress rehearsal!  The three main characters, Velma, Roxie, and Billy are just perfect, and the rest of the cast is amazing.  The singing is outstanding, the choreography is great to watch, and the orchestra (I think there were 8 of them!) sounded fantastic.  I was really, really impressed and even though I already saw dress rehearsal, I want to bring at least my wife to see it, and I may even “make” my kids go (they’re teens/tweens – not what they would probably choose to do, but I think they’ll enjoy it anyway).  I’d never seen any version of the show before, so I enjoyed the story and the humor thrown in along the way.

I can’t possibly recommend enough to everyone to go see “Chicago” at Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre!

All That Jazz


All That Jazz 2


All That Jazz 3


Roxie tells her story


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