2012 W-B Fine Arts Fiesta Entries

This year for the Wilkes-Barre Fine Arts Fiesta, I decided to enter photos that I’d taken and processed with my iPhone.  Since getting it last year, I’ve found that I don’t carry my small camera around anymore, and I love the different editing programs available.  Mostly I use Snapseed or Instagram to alter the photos and add filters – it’s much quicker and easier than using Photoshop or Lightroom, and you can quickly create different funky effects.  I have no idea how these will be received by the jury, but I actually feel like some of my most creative work is coming from my iPhone shots.  And with “iPhoneography” becoming such a huge part of the photography landscape, I wanted to show in some small way that pictures taken by a phone can no longer be discounted as being any less “artistic” as photos taken with a big DSLR.

New Yorker


Glass Staircase


Sunset Grunge


Cypress in the Mist


Punks Not Dead


Framed Entries Ready to Go

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  2. […] of photography.  All of my entries were taken and edited in my iPhone, as I talked about in my previous post about this years entries.  Thanks to everyone for the support, and I do hope you’ll come out […]

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