52 Project – Week 14 – @photojack (Jack Hollingsworth)

Background: This year, I’ve decided to do a 52 project (one photo a week), and my “theme” is that I’m going to do a self-portrait each week, where I try to mimic the Twitter picture/avatar of someone that I follow, figuring I’d be able to learn a new technique/look each week that I can apply to future projects.

In my blog post from earlier today, I showed the images that I submitted to the Wilkes-Barre Fine Arts Fiesta, which were all generated on my iPhone.  The photographer who probably most influenced me to go this route was Jack Hollingsworth.  Jack is a world-renowned world lifestyle, travel, portrait and stock photographer based out of Austin, TX who has become one of the biggest proponents of “iPhoneography” – photography via iPhone – and  we follow.com lists him as the 11th most influential photographer on Twitter.  You can find Jack’s work on his website here, as well as a link to follow him on Twitter.  Jack is constantly sharing great information on Twitter about the future and influence of iPhoneography, and his Instagram feed is updated very regularly with great new photos and ways of processing photos via the iPhone.  His travel/commercial/portrait work and iPhone work are a source of great inspiration for me, and I’ll continue to follow his work on Twitter to keep improving mine!

This shot was taken using 2 lights, one on the background behind me, and a beauty dish as key light, high above and just to the left of me, aiming across my face to create the hard shadow on my right side.  Minimal post-processing in Lightroom and Photoshop to get the slight split-toned look, and I used the high-pass filter in PS to bring out more detail in my face.

Jack Hollingsworth's Twitter Avatar

Me as Jack Hollingsworth


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