52 Project – Week 15 – @kevinkubota

Background: This year, I’ve decided to do a 52 project (one photo a week), and my “theme” is that I’m going to do a self-portrait each week, where I try to mimic the Twitter picture/avatar of someone that I follow, figuring I’d be able to learn a new technique/look each week that I can apply to future projects.

This next entry into my project (which I should really stop naming with a week number, since I haven’t been able to keep up on a weekly basis) is a recreation of the Twitter avatar of Kevin Kubota.  Kevin is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Oregon, who was named one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers by American Photo Magazine.  His company Kubota Image Tools creates products for Lightroom and Photoshop that help photographers quickly edit images to obtain consistent, cool results; their plug-ins and presets are very widely admired and used throughout the industry.  Kevin is also an instructor, running “bootcamps” for photographers, and he put out a book last year called Kevin Kubota’s Lighting Notebook that combines his knowledge and humor to show how he shot portraits under a ton of different conditions – I’ve used it as inspiration and guidance and I actually have a shoot planned for this coming weekend that will be using a couple of those set-ups.  Kevin’s work has given me a lot of inspiration, and I’m sure it will continue to as I progress.
I have to admit that I did choose his headshot to recreate this week because it didn’t involve any studio set up, as I current have a lot of my gear packed up to do individual and team shots for some basketball teams.  (I’ll be sharing some of those shots very soon)  This was a very quick outdoor set-up with only a tripod as gear, done off my back patio.  Unfortunately, I didn’t look at his photo close enough to see that he had the light coming from the other side of his head (duh).  So again, lesson learned: LOOK AT THE SHADOWS!!!  One of these days I’ll remember…

Kevin Kubota’s Twitter Avatar

Me as Kevin Kubota


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