Sports Shots – NEPA Warriors Basketball

I was recently asked to do team and individual shots for a local AAU basketball club, the NEPA Warriors.  They have 6 teams, 2 based in the Wilkes-Barre area, and 4 in the Scranton area – the first shoot was the Wilkes-Barre teams, and I’ll be doing the Scranton teams tomorrow.  Since I don’t do this all the time, I don’t have the backdrops that I’ve seen other photo companies bring to my kids’ picture day shoots so I thought I would just use whatever I could find at the gym they practice in to set up my shots.  I did a little research on the interwebz to see some typical poses for the kids, and maybe get some ideas for the “look” I wanted to get.  I happened to find a post that a guy did (sorry, I didn’t save it) about how he got asked to do pictures for his son’s team and how he decided to get a little creative with it by setting his camera to “black out” the gym then just use speed lights to light the kid and the basketball hoop behind him.  I liked how those looked and decided to try something similar.  Instead of totally blacking out the gym around the kids, I just tried to get it so it was ambiance and not the focal point of the shot – you knew you were in a gym, but you weren’t distracted by every little detail in the background – then I used a strobe with a beauty dish and 20 degree grid to “spotlight” the player.  I’m pretty happy with how the shots came out, and I hope the kids like them too.  The team shots were pretty basic – two lights with shoot-through umbrellas, team in front of a padded wall.

Player Shot #1

Player Shot #2

Team Shot


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