Promotional Shots for Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre: Legally Blonde

Little Theatre of Wilkes-Barre asked me to shoot promotional shots again, this time for their upcoming production of “Legally Blonde”.  Since the show is set on a college campus, I wanted to get that kind of feel in the shots, but none of the local campuses had quite the right look I wanted, so I chose to shoot on the steps of the county courthouse.  It’s a wonderful old classic building with a nice set of steps at each entrance – it’s currently undergoing some renovations but one entrance was recently completed and was perfect lighting-wise.  The star of the show was in a great pink outfit which provided wonderful contrast with the color of the building, and the rest of the cast (including the dog!) made for some good shots that the theater can use for their various promotional items.

So, all that being said, the interesting part of the evening’s shoot was when we left the courthouse and went back to the theater to do headshots for the actors.  I had planned on using my beauty dish as I had on previous occasions but after getting everything all set up, I found that I had left the cord that connects the radio triggers to the strobe at home…as well as the hard wire to the strobe, which I keep in my lighting case.  Naturally, I had chosen to pack lightly this time.  Luckily, I had packed my speed light for the camera and a mount and umbrella in case I wanted to use it for the promotional shots.  So I quickly pulled that stuff out and got it set up.  After a few test shots, I needed to adjust the settings on the speed light, so I pulled it down and naturally, the low battery symbol was on.  I actually had packed an extra set of batteries since I had thought I might use it outside, but still…come on!  To make matters worse, it was at nearly 90 degrees outside and humid, and there is no air conditioning in the theater, so it was crazy hot – which lead to me sweating like a disgusting pig.  So bad that one of the board members (who was there for headshots as well) had to offer me a wad of napkins to mop myself up with.  It worked out OK in the end – not great, I like the beauty dish a LOT for headshots, but it worked.  I read a lot of blog posts and tips from other photographers, and I’ve read plenty of times about being prepared and that Murphy’s Law will rear it’s ugly head eventually on a photo shoot, but this was my first time truly experiencing it.  I hope it’ll lead to me making sure I have every piece of equipment when I leave for a shoot, but I think more than anything, it will make me make sure I have a back up plan!

Here are a few of the promo shots from that evening:


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