Blue Cross of NE PA

This post has actually been a long time coming  – not that it took me so long to write, but it’s about a job I did in the spring, but I wanted to wait until the photos were being used until I posted anything about it.  I was contacted by Blue Cross of NE PA to do some shots of their outside sales staff – these are the people that individuals deal with to buy personal health insurance, not the sales people that work with companies.  It was a small group of four, and they wanted some shots they could use in their print material as well as advertising, plus they wanted to show a little sense of place so their customers would associate them as local sales people.  I did a little scouting and offered the idea of shooting at Wilkes-Barre’s River Common park – they liked the idea and we scheduled the shoot.

I had my friend and sometime assistant Jennifer come with me to handle anything I might need (reflectors, lighting, general subject wrangling, etc.) and she was a great help (and took the behind-the-scenes shots).  The day was overcast and the client was a bit hesitant but I knew it would create some soft natural lighting which would make my job easier at 10 am on a spring morning.  We were able to move around the park quickly and get a bunch of different looks and even a couple of group shots.  It was only in the last few weeks that I’ve started seeing some advertising using some of the shots we did that day, which is always fun, so I’m able to share some BTS shots, some of the delivered shots, and a couple of computer screen shots of the online ads:






BTS: Group shot







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