Martin Family Holiday Photos

A few weeks before Christmas, my good friend and sometimes assistant Jennifer asked me to take some photos of her kids for their Christmas card and to use as gifts to family.  I was especially excited when she suggested doing the shoot at an abandoned barn they go past on family walks – I was familiar with the barn as I’d actually sold a shot I did of it a few years ago.  The day we met was overcast with some flurries, and when we arrived at the barn, someone was there, so we went down the road first then returned.  Jennifer’s kids were great and let me play around a lot, including creating a composite in the barn courtyard and doing some flash shots in a covered walkway. I even convinced Jennifer to let me take a couple of shots of her in case she needs them for headshots.  Thanks Martins!


2 Responses to “Martin Family Holiday Photos”
  1. Barbara Dillon says:

    Beautiful family and beautiul photos!

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