Christmas photos – photo booth style!

My friend & assistant Jennifer asked me to shoot Christmas card photos for her again this year – we always try to come up with something fun (here is last year’s effort) so this year we did photo booth style photos for her to use as a collage on her card.  I’ve been working on putting together a photo booth to rent out to parties and weddings so this was the perfect opportunity to try out the software and the set up. I got a great vintage backdrop from Westcott and some props from the local party store and just let the kids…be kids! It was kind of amazing to watch – if I had told them to stand in front of a backdrop and be goofy, they never would have come up with half the things they did, but give them some props and literally no direction other than “have fun and stay in this general area” and they went to town! There was definitely a lesson learned there. Here are some of the shots we got – Jennifer asked me not to use the ones she put on her card, but there were so many good ones that I had plenty of others to choose from.

Martin Kids Christmas 2013_20131210_22 Martin Kids Christmas 2013_20131210_26 Martin Kids Christmas 2013_20131210_39 Martin Kids Christmas 2013_20131210_48 Martin Kids Christmas 2013_20131210_68


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