November InSide the Back Mountain Cover – Tommy VanScoy

The November issue of InSide the Back Mountain featured Tommy VanScoy of Tovon & Co, jewelers in Wilkes-Barre, and it proved to be a fascinating shoot.  Tommy has an interesting story – his father learned watch repair in WWII then came home and opened a jewelry story, offering financing to GIs who couldn’t otherwise got it. He built up his business and eventually his son Tommy joined him.  They franchised their VanScoy Diamond Mine business across the country and Tommy was traveling extensively, buying diamonds across the world. Eventually the travel got old and Tommy wanted to open his own store, so with his father’s blessing, Tovon & Co was born.  One of the unique things that Tommy does is create custom jewelry using CAD designs and computer-operated milling machines to create the wax molds.  It was a great experience to get to meet Tommy and get to know more about his business – here are the cover and inside pages, along with my photos from the shoot.

VanScoy Cover- Nov -2014 ITBM_Nov14_FinalProof
Van Scoy 6-7 from ITBM_Nov14_FinalProof-1 Van Scoy 6-7 from ITBM_Nov14_FinalProof-2Tommy VanScoy_20140923_36-EditTommy VanScoy_20140923_65-Edit Tommy VanScoy_20140923_78 Tommy VanScoy_20140923_51-Edit Tommy VanScoy_20140923_110-Edit Tommy VanScoy_20140923_118


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