Test shots with a new model

I was looking to do some test shots to try out some new techniques and looks and a young woman I know was more than willing to be my model for them, so we met up at my studio a week and a half ago to give it a shot.  She was very patient and a wonderful model, and we managed to get in a quite a number of different looks so it was a great experience for both of us (I hope!).

The first set of shots were basic fashion/catalog looks – the reflection on the second outfit pictures was achieved by having her stand on a piece of acrylic.

Jess B-028 Jess B-097 Jess B-110

Next was a very high-key, high-contrast portrait – I’ve seen this look a couple of times recently and really like it.

Jess B-149-Edit

Next we did some shots using a coat she had that I’d seen a picture of her in and a leopard skin fur – the texture of the coats provides a nice play against her face.

Jess B-183

Jess B-235-Edit

The next shot was blatantly stolen from a recent shoot that Zack Arias did of Sara Lando, where he aimed the light source into a broken mirror to get all kinds of funky reflections into the subject – it’s very cool and has tons of possibilities.

Jess B-330-Edit

Next we tried some shots that incorporated motion – these were lit just by the modeling lamps on the strobes with a long exposure time.  I’m a big admirer of Jeremy Cowart’s work and some of his images inspired me to try this – it’s fun to experiment with this effect, and I’ll definitely try it again when the right opportunity arises.

Jess B-298 Jess B-273

Finally, we did some editorial-type shots, using the texture of the wood wall and couch to create a deep, sensual look.

Jess B-356 Jess B-365


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