February InSide the Back Mountain cover – the ugliest one ever!

So, if you’re paying attention at all, you’ll notice that I haven’t posted a blog about the January cover yet – so why post February first?  Well, I’ve been offline a bit so I wasn’t able to get to January yet, but primarily the reason is that since yours truly is on the February cover I’ve been getting a lot of comments so I figured I’d go ahead and share the article myself for all to see.  Clare Parkhurst, the publisher of the magazine, was nice enough to ask if I’d be the cover subject for February and asked me to shoot a self-portrait for it.  I had a number of ideas, I tried one and didn’t like the outcome, so I went with just a self-portrait of me in a studio setting, but showing the studio set-up a bit to give a sense of place.  I also did a more standard self-portrait (note I am not using the word “selfie” – God knows I do enough of those with my phone, but this was different) that she ran inside along with the story.  One thing I learned: posing is harder than it seems when you’re behind the camera.  I’d actually really like to get a portrait done by someone else to really feel what it’s like, but even for this one it was different.  I’ll use myself as a subject when I’m trying out a new lighting technique or testing gear, but in those cases I don’t really care about the final look – I’m just looking at lighting or image sharpness.   This was more difficult because I was trying to look good (well, as good as I can) in the image.  So it was also a very good learning experience.

Many thanks to all those who gave me permission to use photos of them in the story (even if I didn’t always ask first 😉 ) or to use their names.  And special thanks to Clare for not only asking me to be on the cover, but for being so flattering in the story – I have a lot to live up to now!

Dillon Cover

Dillon Page 6

Dillon Page 7

Dillon Page 13

2 Responses to “February InSide the Back Mountain cover – the ugliest one ever!”
  1. Barbara Dillon says:

    Wow – wish I had known about this last night when I was talking to you. Great article and self-portraits! Glad you have gotten the recognition you deserve. Love you, Mom

    Barbara Dillon, Office Manager

    Clark, Cramer & Frank, Sea Pines Real Estate South Beach

    P.O. Box 3389

    Hilton Head, SC 29928



  2. corbettinsurance says:

    Dave: As I have told you, what you bring to InSide The Back Mountain is beyond words. Featuring you on the cover was a “no brainer”. You are sooooo talented, so professional. Partnering with you was and is magic for InSide The Back Mountain. You’re an artist!
    Clare Parkhurst

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