February InSide the Back Mountain cover – the ugliest one ever!

So, if you’re paying attention at all, you’ll notice that I haven’t posted a blog about the January cover yet – so why post February first?  Well, I’ve been offline a bit so I wasn’t able to get to January yet, but primarily the reason is that since yours truly is on the February cover I’ve … Continue reading

Business Profiles for InSide the Back Mountain

In addition to the cover stories I shot for InSide the Back Mountain for November and December, I was also asked to shoot photos for inside stories about two businesses.  The first was Age of Innocence salon in Shavertown, which is run by Lauren Collini.  The salon has a bunch of interesting rooms and I wanted … Continue reading

December InSide the Back Mountain Cover – Bill and Jennifer Sordoni

For the December issue of InSide the Back Mountain, I shot Bill and Jennifer Sordoni for the cover story, which featured their philanthropic work for the United Way of the Wyoming Valley.  Shooting at the United Way offices was a bit challenging since they’re not exactly set up for great environmental portraits, but we managed … Continue reading