Martin Family Holiday Photos

A few weeks before Christmas, my good friend and sometimes assistant Jennifer asked me to take some photos of her kids for their Christmas card and to use as gifts to family.  I was especially excited when she suggested doing the shoot at an abandoned barn they go past on family walks – I was … Continue reading

Family Portraits – The Monks

I recently shot some family portraits in the back yard of their home.  Never having been to their house beforehand, it was mildly challenging as I couldn’t preconceive the photos I wanted to take specifically, but I had talked to the mom about what was there, and what types of photos she wanted, including her … Continue reading

Photo Shoot – The Flyers Fans

A colleague of mine from the NEPA Phoenix Group asked me to do some portraits of his kids, as he hadn’t had any done in a while.  They came over last Thursday in the morning and we did a bunch of shots both outside and in my home studio.  Since they’re Flyers fans (which I … Continue reading