Favorite Photos of 2011

It’s that time of year when everyone takes a look back at their year, what was good and bad about it, and shares some of their favorite photos, so I figured why not join the fray, too. I think this is actually a good exercise for any photographer, because it’s very easy to get lost … Continue reading

Favorite Photos – Birds Fighting in Silhouette

Today’s highlighted photos is of two birds sparring at the top of an acacia tree in Tanzania, taken during my photo safari with Andy Biggs.  The reason this image is one of my favorites isn’t necessarily the aesthetics of it, but the process.  It was on the last full day of the safari, towards the … Continue reading

Favorite Photos – San Francisco Sunrise

The next photo I wanted to share is an image I took while in San Francisco for my honeymoon.  We like to travel, and thankfully, my wife understands that when we travel, I travel with camera (and gear).  And I’m going to use it.  That means extended stops at places that normally wouldn’t necessarily merit … Continue reading