Runaway – A conceptual photo shoot (and 2013 Fine Arts Fiesta entries)

About 3 weeks ago, my friend Jennifer asked me if I’d decided what I was going to enter in this year’s Wilkes-Barre Fine Arts Fiesta.  I told her I hadn’t really thought about it, and wasn’t sure if I was going to enter this year.  I’ve been doing mostly commercial work lately and didn’t know … Continue reading

Wilkes-Barre Fine Arts Fiesta – Accepted!

I received notice today that three of my five entries into the Wilkes-Barre Fine Arts Fiesta were accepted (shown below)! That’s a better rate than last year, and it shows that the iPhone  can be used for all sorts of photography.  All of my entries were taken and edited in my iPhone, as I talked … Continue reading

2012 W-B Fine Arts Fiesta Entries

This year for the Wilkes-Barre Fine Arts Fiesta, I decided to enter photos that I’d taken and processed with my iPhone.  Since getting it last year, I’ve found that I don’t carry my small camera around anymore, and I love the different editing programs available.  Mostly I use Snapseed or Instagram to alter the photos … Continue reading