February InSide the Back Mountain cover – the ugliest one ever!

So, if you’re paying attention at all, you’ll notice that I haven’t posted a blog about the January cover yet – so why post February first?  Well, I’ve been offline a bit so I wasn’t able to get to January yet, but primarily the reason is that since yours truly is on the February cover I’ve … Continue reading

November InSide the Back Mountain Cover – Tommy VanScoy

The November issue of InSide the Back Mountain featured Tommy VanScoy of Tovon & Co, jewelers in Wilkes-Barre, and it proved to be a fascinating shoot.  Tommy has an interesting story – his father learned watch repair in WWII then came home and opened a jewelry story, offering financing to GIs who couldn’t otherwise got it. … Continue reading

Why I’ve come to love being a portrait photographer

Yesterday I got a wonderful reminder of why I’ve come to love being a portrait photographer. I often tell people how I always liked taking pictures, and how for the longest time I only shot landscapes – and I really enjoyed it. Then I decided that I wanted to try making money with my hobby … Continue reading